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WHEN account of a additional civic lockdown hit, Becca Amber headed to her billowing abdomen to get a canteen of Prosecco.

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Popping the cork, she acclimatized bottomward to watch the account with a basin of crisps, which larboard almost a sliver of amplitude on her abdomen shelves.


That’s because admin abettor Becca has spent the majority of 2020 accession a accrue so ample her abode can almost accommodate it.

She has 300 toilet rolls, 50 bottles of duke sanitiser jars and jars of booze and accoutrements of pasta so ample her shelves are groaning.

Becca is not the alone one either, with hordes of shoppers hasty to bright the shelves of Tesco and Asda this week.

Many accept additionally raced to backpack trolleys with Christmas gifts, afterward the account that all non-essential aliment charge shut.


While abounding affirmation stockpilers are greedy, antisocial and accomplishing the aged and ailing out of desperately-needed food, Becca and her adolescent hoarders Emma Tarry and Liz Lindenbaue disagree.

As far as they are afraid they are appropriate mums putting their families first, and it’s anybody abroad who should anticipate anxiously about why they AREN’T so prepared.

Here, they allocution to Fabulous about why they stockpile.

Admin Abettor Becca Brown, 35, from Portsmouth has a massive backing of PPE including facemasks and gloves, as able-bodied as food.

Among her abundance is 300 loo rolls, 50 bottles of duke sanitiser, 100 kitchen rolls and abundant jars of booze to aftermost until March 2021.


“I didn’t agitation back lockdown cardinal two was announced, I acclaimed with a bottle of prosecco and candy from my appropriate lockdown abundance room. 

There was no charge to accent as I accept abundant aliment and art aliment to accumulate me activity for seven months.

I absolutely went into debt prepping for the aboriginal lockdown, spending £2,500 on PPE kit, masks, gloves and added equipment.

Of advance trolls had a go at me but I capital to be safe, additional I use them for my artwork as a representation of how Covid afflicted our society.


People attacked me because the NHS was active out of kit but if I could get it why couldn’t they? It’s not my problem.  

I’ve added to my aliment aliment every anniversary during, and since, lockdown.

I accept over 300 toilet tolls, 50 bottles of duke sanitiser, 100 kitchen rolls, 10 accoutrements of flour, bristles aggregate boxes of pasta, and abundant sauces to accumulate me activity until March 2021. 

I accept almost affected my aboriginal accumulation of UHT milk because I bought added every week. 

I accept additionally added to my abundance of dozens of paracetamol packets, throat sprays and added medicines I anticipation I ability need. 


When I bare some added banknote I artlessly awash some masks on eBay, and I’ll do the aforementioned again. 

It’s adaptation of the planners I say. 

I accept shelves of basal aliment items like cans of minced meat, broiled beans, fruit, canned vegetables back-scratch pastes and I won’t go without. 

I accept over 300 toilet tolls, 50 bottles of duke sanitiser, 100 kitchen rolls, 10 accoutrements of flour, bristles aggregate boxes of pasta, and abundant sauces to accumulate me activity until March 2021.

christmas hand towels asda

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People who affirmation I’m endlessly others accepting their easily on essentials are talking rubbish. 

I accept planned my purchases and accumulate an exact log on an excel spreadsheet so I apperceive what I have. 

The blow of the country should do the same. 

Emma Tarry, 26, is mum to six-year-old Jayden and Leo, four, and lives in Lancaster.

She started stockpiling in March and never lets her abundance run low – she already has all her kids’ Christmas presents and alike amber for abutting Easter.

“I accede myself a cool stockpiling queen. 


When Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared a new civic lockdown would be starting I didn’t blitz out to accompany the accoutrements of bodies allowance shelves. 

Instead I started wrapping my Christmas ability and accomplishing my account account to ensure my abutting home commitment boutique has aggregate I charge to top up my accumulation of food, charwoman products, medicines, ability items and academy materials. 

I accept abundant to aftermost eight or nine months, and I’ve alike forward-planned for abutting Easter, Mothers’ Day and birthdays in 2021. 

When I started accession in March, I had 12 kilos of chicken, 12 boxes of angle fingers and six bottles of Calpol. 



As lockdown connected I banned to let my totals drop, instead affairs added every week. I knew that was the appropriate decision, and this new lockdown proves it.

I don’t affliction if bodies criticise me or say I’m endlessly others from accepting the basics, I won’t change.

I’m appropriate to accept planned for this, it was the alive accommodation because I’m accessible to aftermost out the virus.

I’ve been methodical about my stockpile, spending about £250 a ages back the aboriginal lockdown abacus to it.



I got added beans, canned vegetables, tinned bake-apple and ability aliment and kits for the kids.  

I additionally spent £600 on Christmas presents for anniversary of the kids; things like nerf guns, Nintendos, phones and computers. 

Of advance I was appropriate to do it, my kids are already catered for – you won’t bolt me hasty about aftermost minute like so abounding added parents.

Some accept alike offered to pay me bifold for the ability I’ve got as they’re so afraid they won’t be sorted, but I’m not absorbed – my kids will accept a abundant Christmas alike if we’re still in lockdown.

I additionally accept dozens of standby ability for accompany for birthdays and things, abundant to see me through until May 2021.  


My supersized freezer is still absolutely abounding with ten kilos of chicken, ten boxes of angle fingers, oven chips, arctic bake-apple and veg and a alternative of six gateaux cheese cakes. 

I’m not ashamed, I absolutely can’t accept why anybody doesn’t accept a Power Pantry.  

Every anniversary I do a stocktake and I get afraid if my totals abatement beneath my basal akin – that’s 20 packets of kids’ wipes, seven tubs of vitamins, six bottles of Calpol and paracetamol to aftermost three months for myself.  

I charge 14 boxes of cereal, 12 litres of UHT milk and a backpack of 200 gloves aloof in case.


On top, I’ve got cheesecakes, ice cream, Christmas aliment and snacks, 68 tins of dog aliment and alike some Easter eggs for abutting year.

If you ask me I’m acute and it’s the bodies who are arcade ‘normally’ who are stupid.

Don’t beef at me for allowance the shelves at Tesco, get bottomward there and banal up yourself. 

And yes I still accept my BB gun – my accrue is too adored not to assure it.

Liz Lindenbauer, 32, is a mum-of-one from Maidstone, Kent.

She can’t accept why anybody doesn’t stockpile, adage it’s the one affair which has eased her all-overs during the coronavirus outbreak.


“I’ve got abundant in my lockdown accrue to aftermost me and my Eva, nine,  for six months.

What’s added I’ve done it all on the cheap, extenuative over £800 by affairs bargain appurtenances and in bulk.

I anticipate the aboriginal lockdown showed anybody how extemporaneous we were, it fabricated me realise I bare to be bigger organised.

I’m a distinct mum so lockdown arcade wasn’t easy, and I realised I bare a bigger banal of basics like tins, charwoman articles and alike clothes.



Now I consistently accept ten super-sized laundry detergents, 20 aggregate boxes of antibac spray, 52 continued activity accoutrements or brioche and croissants, 30 tins of broiled beans, 40 tins of tomatoes, aggregate boxes of dozens of tinned fruits to lasts six weeks at a time, eight kilos of arctic alloyed vegetables and 40 containers of continued like UHT but based milk alternatives

Every anniversary I buy added to top up my supplies, and essentials accommodate affairs the cheapest aggregate accumulation of attending and kitchen paper. 

I accept abounding 100 loo rolls and 50 kitchen rolls which bifold up as arts and ability supplies.



I’ve congenital up a accrue of £400 account of kids crafting items including aqueduct cleaners, cement guns, moulding clays, stickers and gems.

I accept bought abundant T-shirts, jeggings, leggings, and dresses for Eva in two altered sizes for summer and winter abutting year in case admission to aliment becomes limited.

Just a bit of time spent every anniversary meant we now accept a huge backing of advantageous aliment should we charge to break at home.

It absolutely started back I concluded up with doubles of a aliment adjustment in May.

Far from actuality annoying, it fabricated me feel calm. I admired alive I was set for food.



That’s back I absitively to actualize my own Power Pantry. 

Now I am meticulous. I analysis every account in my cupboards, attending at the use by dates and abundance them so the oldest get acclimated first. 

I started affairs added too, so now accept dozens of cans of beans and tinned tomatoes, packets of pasta, flour, corn, broiled soups and tinned fruit. 


I consistently bought bargain versions which were on sale, and in six weeks my kitchen cupboards were over-flowing. I knew absolutely what we were bistro for the abutting two months. 

Now I abundance toilet cycle and cardboard anhydrate beneath beds. 

Bulk buys of bath soap, charwoman products, UHT milk, almond milk and amoroso are kept in wardrobes all over the house. 

I apperceive absolutely area aggregate is.



When Lockdown cardinal one concluded I went out and bought added clothes for Eva too – not aloof for this year, but in a admeasurement up for abutting year. 

That way I accept aliment of socks, coats, pyjamas, t-shirts and leggings after accepting to worry.

I accept bought and captivated all my Christmas gifts, accept academy uniforms for the abutting two years and summer clothes too. 

I apperceive bodies accuse about the loo cycle stockpilers but I am not demography items from anyone.


I am assuming my babe how to plan and account and save money and aloft all be prepared. 

Having abounding cupboards agency I’m one beneath being in a bazaar arcade and that’s got to be good.

Focusing on my Power Abdomen organisation keeps me calm and focused on actual blessed and healthy.

It’s the one affair I can control.”

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We ahead brought you the adventure about the stockpilers who are attention their huge hauls with aggregate from BB accoutrements to chainsaws. 

And a woman has spent £1.5k stockpiling for Christmas.

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