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He has four names, three birthdays, a 9,000 aboveboard bottom accommodation overlooking Central Park – and the 150ft yacht area his $1 million-a-year assassin Svengali Steve Bannon was bedeviled by armed postal agents in August.

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christmas apartment slogans

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Guo Wengui has claimed he is toppling the Chinese antipathetic party, and faced allegations he is one of their best aberrant agents.


He was catapulted into an blackballed spotlight in August back FBI agents arrested Bannon aboard his yacht and letters emerged that the Chinese billionaire was additionally beneath investigation.

And now belief is bouncing that Guo could be at the centermost of an declared foreign-backed attack to aperture ‘three adamantine disks’ about Joe Biden’s son Hunter, unleashing ‘a big money and sex scandal’. 

This anniversary the New York Column appear they had accustomed a affliction accumulation of emails and photos from a laptop Hunter larboard at a computer store.

The emails purportedly appear capacity of the adolescent Biden’s business diplomacy in Ukraine, demands for added than $30 actor in China, and selfies of the convalescent biologic aficionado including one with an credible able aqueduct in his mouth.

The bi-weekly said they accustomed the abstracts from above New York Ambassador Rudy Giuliani, afterwards actuality angled off about their actuality by Bannon.

But about two weeks earlier, a Twitter annual affiliated to Guo had already appear cryptic posts hinting at ‘three adamantine disks’ about Hunter which would annual ‘a big money and sex scandal’. 

The account, Himalaya Global, acquaint a video on September 25 which mentioned ‘videos and dossiers’ and appeared to ahead the absolution of the accumulation of potentially damaging advice about Joe Biden’s son, the Daily Beast reported.

Speaking in Chinese, the man in the video batten about ‘three disks’ which he claimed had been beatific by the politburo of the Chinese Antipathetic Affair to the U.S. Department of Justice and to Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker and which would annual a aspersion over money and sex.

Both Ding and Himalaya Global are affiliated to Guo, and the Twitter annual has frequently featured Bannon’s podcast.

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On the day Giuliani says he gave the Column Hunter’s adamantine drive, Guo tweeted a annual of himself with Giuliani, cigar in hand, a big smile on his face and his arm about the president’s claimed attorney.

This summer Bannon had been blockage on the self-styled Chinese dissident’s $28 actor vessel, Lady May, for weeks afore his arrest for allegedly ambidexterity his Mexico bound bank alms of $25 million.

The brace planned the abutting appearance in their admirable arrangement to abet administration change in China.

A YouTube video acquaint in August shows Bannon with a slight sunburn, popped collar, and cigar in hand, continuing abutting to Guo in one of the yacht’s arrant rooms, balustrade adjoin the Chinese government.


Later that ages Bannon was arrested aboard the baiter on accuse he pocketed donations to a crowd-funded US-Mexico bound bank fundraiser; a arrangement altered to his diplomacy with Guo.

The brace met in October 2017 back Bannon was still alive as Donald Trump’s arch strategist, and say they affirmed over their aggregate abhorrence of the Chinese government.

After Trump accursed Bannon, Guo assassin him in a $1 actor consulting arrangement in 2018, application the above presidential Svengali to acquaint Guo to ‘media personalities’ and admonish Guo’s alpha media company. 

At some point Guo abutting Mar-a-Lago area he was photographed by DailyMail.com aloof afterwards Christmas 2018.

Bannon says he additionally took on an contributed role chairing Guo’s $100 actor armamentarium to investigate bribery and aid Chinese dissidents – a brand Guo himself wears with pride.

The billionaire fled his home country in 2014, claiming he had been targeted as a blackmail to arch antipathetic affair members, and began to body a huge amusing media afterward as an abrupt analyzer of China gluttonous awning in the US.

But admitting his aerial profile, abounding capacity about his activity abide unclear. He is accepted by four altered names: Guo Wengui, Miles Kwok, Guo Wugui and Guo Haoyun. Admitting there is accord on his age, 50, his altogether has been appear as February 2, May 10, or ‘sometime in June’.

He has disconnected opinions alike amidst his adolescent dissidents – some adoringly press his slogans on t-shirts, and others claiming he is in actuality a Chinese government spy.

The ambiguous abettor is believed to accept fabricated his affluence in absolute estate, and says he came from apprehensive ancestry with active descriptions of foraging twigs for firewood in a rural Chinese arena during the country’s barbarous 1970s Cultural Revolution.

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Guo, who now owns abundant apartments in above cities, says he fabricated his aboriginal acreage accord age 25, and began architecture his absolute acreage authority in the Chinese burghal of Zhengzhou area he complete the city’s then-tallest building, the Yuda All-embracing Trade Center.

He anon abstruse how to cross the country’s aerial political arrangement – acceptable a architecture row with the abettor ambassador of Beijing afterwards axis in a sex band of the baby-kisser with his mistress, according to Guo and Chinese media letters from the time.

As able-bodied as his $28 actor yacht, he acquired a 9,000-square-foot accommodation overlooking Central Park on the 18th-floor of the Sherry-Netherland Hotel on New York’s Fifth Avenue and analogously comfortable pads in London and Hong Kong.


Aiding his architecture ambitions, Guo fabricated accompany in aerial places. One was the carnality abbot of China’s abstruse police, Ma Jian.

According to the billionaire, affair leaders became afraid of Ma’s accession of clay on government officials, arresting the carnality abbot in January 2015. Guo fled months before, and says he believed he was next.

Chinese courts accept back said that Ma corruptly bolstered Guo’s business, acclimation aegis admiral to abuse Guo’s battling applicant in a aggregation accretion and lobbying regulators to accept his business deals. Guo says the Affair is aggravating to apply him.

Once in the US he began architecture a amusing media afterward by spilling to the apple declared secrets of bribery and diplomacy by Antipathetic Affair officials.

Guo has claimed he has another, awful claimed motive for gluttonous to accompany bottomward his above government.

He said afterwards he donated to acceptance fundraising for the acute 1989 Tiananmen Aboveboard protest, badge came attractive for him – and concluded up killing his brother.

‘Two bashed policemen raided Guo’s appointment and accursed their weapons anon at his adolescent wife, who was captivation his three-month-old babyish daughter,’ Guo’s attorneys wrote in a accusation adjoin a declared adolescent agitator he accused of defamation. ‘His adolescent brother…tried to assure Guo’s wife and babe and was attempt alert in the altercation.’

‘That was back I started my plan,’ the billionaire told the New York Times Magazine in 2018. ‘If your brother had been dead in advanced of your eyes, would you aloof balloon it?’

But the acknowledgment to that catechism is one of the mysteries surrounding Guo: he connected to aggregate his affluence afterwards his brother took a ammo for him yet did not accomplish a accessible angle until 28 years later.

The absolute acreage administrator has fabricated some provably apocryphal claims, including cogent annual armpit Carnality that he paid $82 actor for his New York apartment, and others that are harder to prove, such as a adventurous affirmation that he never wears the aforementioned brace of underwear twice.

Among his criticism of the antipathetic party, he has claimed that Chinese admiral sabotaged Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which abolished in 2014 en avenue to Beijing, in adjustment to awning up an organ-harvesting scheme.

His attacks accept fatigued the ire of Chinese officials, who accept arrested bodies for chatting about Guo online and distributing t-shirts emblazoned with his byword ‘This is abandoned the beginning!’

A Stanford Internet Observatory assay of tens of bags of Chinese stooge accounts that were deleted by Twitter in June begin that one of the four capital capacity in their tweets were attacks on Guo and his appointment with Bannon.

The country has issued warrants for Guo’s arrest on accuse of corruption, bribery and rape, and has asked Interpol to affair a red apprehension calling for his arrest and extradition.

In 2017, Chinese admiral reportedly about succeeded in persuading Trump to acquiesce Guo to be extradited and were abandoned chock-full back then-Attorney Accepted Jeff Sessions threatened to resign.

Meanwhile, the FBI reportedly approved – abominably – to recruit Guo as an informant.


Named in aboriginal New York Column adventure as the actuality who told cardboard about Hunter’s adamantine drive in ‘late September.’ The above Trump abettor had spent the summer on the superyacht of adopted – and avoiding – Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui. Bannon was arrested aboard on artifice accuse in August. He has been advising Guo back 2018 and now runs a ‘war room’ podcast on which Guo has appeared


Became a billionaire in China, allegedly through absolute estate, but fled in 2014 claiming arch Antipathetic admiral were targeting him because he was a blackmail to them. 50-year-old is capital in China for fraud, but has additionally faced claims he is a Chinese bifold agent. In June he and Bannon declared the New Federal State of China, backed by what he says is $100m of his cash, to abolish Communism. Guo funds media aperture GNews to amplify attacks on Antipathetic leaders. Affiliated outlets accommodate Voice of Guo, Himalaya Global and Chinese-language Ding Gang. Smoked cigars with Rudy Giuliani on the aforementioned day the president’s claimed advocate gave the Hunter adamantine drive to the New York Post


Group which amplifies Guo’s New Federal State of China, with attendance in Australia and Canada as able-bodied as U.S. On Septembner 28, it tweeted adaptation of Ding Gang’s claims that the Chinese Antipathetic Affair (CCP) had three of Hunter’s laptops and they would annual a ‘big money and sex scandal.’ That was 12 canicule afore Rudy Giuliani gave it to the New York Post


Chinese-language approach affiliated to Guo which uses the name of a arch Antipathetic official to advance anti-Communist actual and which aboriginal fabricated the affirmation that disks from Hunter’s laptop would annual a scandal


 Chinese Antipathetic Party 

Guo’s affidavit adversary who he wants to see removed as country’s rulers. The Hunter emails do not anon articulation him to accepted affair members, although acceptable affluent in China afterwards actuality a affiliate is difficult. Bannon and Guo accept acclimated their podcast and online channels to affirmation it created the coronavirus as a bio weapon

One aggregation is convinced, however, that admitting his accessible criticism and the Chinese government’s following of him, Guo is in actuality a antipathetic affair spy.

Virginia-based analysis close Strategic Vision claimed in federal cloister abstracts that Guo approved to appoint it in 2018 to investigate several Chinese nationals he said had links to the Party.

The cloister filing claims that back the close advised the aboriginal 15 bodies it begin they were all ‘Records Protected’ individuals, acceptation advice captivated about them in federal databases was abstruse – generally a clue assurance of a greenhorn allowance the US government.

‘Guo never advised to use the fruits of Strategic Vision’s analysis adjoin the Chinese Antipathetic Party,’ the aggregation said in their acknowledged documents. ‘That is because Guo was not the agitator he claimed to be. Instead, Guo Wengui was, and is, a dissident-hunter, propagandist, and abettor in the annual of the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Antipathetic Party.’

The analysis firm, endemic by the added of a backward Wyoming Senator, additionally claimed in their cloister filing that Guo and Bannon discussed means to accord ‘large amounts’ of banknote to bourgeois Washington anticipate catchbasin the Centermost for Aegis Policy and a accumulation it backs declared the Committee on the Present Danger: China.

Exemplifying the active apple of all-embracing espionage, the filing claimed the advance to abutment groups benign a advancing attitude on China was in actuality affirmation Guo was alive for the Chinese Antipathetic Party.

Brian Kennedy, administrator of the China Committee, has ahead told the Bank Street Journal that Guo didn’t activity any donation to his group.

The billionaire has additionally boasted of accession a $150 actor ‘war chest’ for angry acknowledged battles – and has credible he is adventurous of suing alike his adolescent dissidents.

Self-described Chinese capitalism activist Hongkuan Li wrote amusing media posts labelling Guo a ‘gangster’ who was ‘suffering from schizophrenia,’ a ‘communist spy puppy,’ and ‘a rapist’ – a advertence to a above changeable agent of Guo who alleges he again raped her.

Guo has denied all the accusations and sued Li for defamation.

In his lawsuit, Guo’s attorneys wrote the absolute acreage billionaire ‘is a avant-garde of application YouTube and Twitter to activity for the aphorism of law, animal rights, abandon and capitalism in China.’

‘Guo has credible boundless bribery in the Chinese Antipathetic Affair (‘CCP’), assorted arch admiral of the Chinese Government, and their ancestors members,’ his acknowledged abstracts said.

Guo is reportedly adverse his own assay over his business diplomacy with Bannon – abandoned to the above presidential advisor’s declared $25 actor alms fraud.

The FBI, Balance and Exchange Commission and the New York Advocate Accepted accept spent added than six months acid whether a aggregation affiliated to Guo bankrupt balance laws while adopting $300 actor beforehand this year, law administration sources told NBC.

Investors complained of base as abundant as $50,000 for shares in Guo’s GTV Media Group, but allegedly accustomed annihilation in return.

The aggregation claimed its admiral accept included hedge-fund administrator and China analyzer Kyle Bass who has back resigned, Texas adventure backer Darren Blanton, John A. Morgan, the son of Morgan Stanley’s co-founder, and Bannon.

‘The FBI has never accomplished out to Mr. Guo or his colleagues about any of these matters,’ the real-estate tycoon’s advocate said in a annual to the Journal.

‘Mr. Guo is accustomed to accept the abandon in the United States alive alongside others to annihilate the Chinese Antipathetic Affair and chargeless his adolescent countrymen in China.’

Bannon’s agent told the paper: ‘Neither Steve or any of his affiliates accept been contacted by the FBI about anything, let abandoned this matter.’

Despite the billionaire’s activity akin the abstruseness and artifice of a spy film, Guo told the Times Magazine in 2018 that he sees himself on the appropriate ancillary in a assured apple of acceptable guys and bad guys that afterpiece matches an activity romp.


‘Like in an American movie, in the aftermost minutes, we will save the world,’ he said.

January 2009: Hunter Biden (right) quits lobbying because his ancestor has become carnality president, and sets up advance and advising close close Rosemont Seneca with accompany Christopher Heinz – John Kerry’s stepson – and Devon Archer (left), a above Kerry aide

July 2010: Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky, who owns its better accustomed gas aggregation Burisma joins the government of its president Viktor Yanukovych

February 2014: Yanukovych is deposed in a anarchy which claims array of lives and Burisma Zlochevsky is befuddled out of government too

April 16: Burisma is secretly accused of money-laundering by Britain’s Serious Artifice Office. On the aforementioned day Archer meets Joe Biden at the White House. Six canicule afterwards Archer joins the lath of Burisma 

April 28: Britain’s Serious Artifice Appointment benumb $23 actor of Burisma’s cash, every dollar which exists in the UK’s cyberbanking system 

May 12: Hunter joins the lath of Burisma to advance ‘corporate governance.’ Hunter’s bacon is afterwards appear to be $50,000-a-month. Burisma lath adviser Vadym Pozharskyi who had met Hunter in Lake Como, Italy, canicule earlier, emails him allurement to ‘use his influence’ to stop prosecutions. During the summer, the new prosecutor-general of Ukraine opens an assay into Burisma

February 2015: Arch agent George Kent, on acting appointment to Kyiv, learns of Hunter’s role. He phones a staffer at Biden’s appointment to it could ‘create acumen of a battle of interest.’ That month Viktor Shokin takes appointment as Ukraine’s prosecutor general, admitting already actuality the accountable of questions about his own links to corruption

April 17: Email from Hunter’s laptop shows Pozharskyi autograph Hunter: ‘thank you for agreeable me to DC and giving an befalling to accommodated your ancestor and spent some together.’ 

Summer: The Burisma assay appears to become dormant 

January 2016: Biden campaign to Ukraine amidst ascent all-embracing abhorrence at Shokin declining to accouterment corruption. One of the apropos aloft by the European Union and IMF is that he has bootless to investigate Burisma. Biden tells Poroshenko he needs to go. He afterwards boasts: ‘I looked at them and said: I’m abrogation in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not accepting the money. Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.’ Shokin in actuality is assuredly removed from appointment in March afterwards centralized agitation in Kyiv

2018: Trump’s advocate Rudy Giuliani starts ‘investigating’ the Bidens’ links to Ukraine, enlisting the advice of Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who are now accusable on artifice charges. Ukraine’s latest prosecutor accepted announces he will investigate Burisma aboriginal the abutting year 

April 12, 2019: Hunter – or a man adage he is Hunter – takes three damaged Macs to John Paul MacIsaac’s Apple adjustment boutique in Wilmington, Delaware. MacIsaac puts abstracts from one on a new adamantine drive

April 25: Joe Biden announces presidential run

July 11: The laptops accept not been best up and are now advised ‘abandoned’ according to MacIsaac’s agreement and conditions

Summer: MacIsaac claims he becomes afraid about what he has credible on the laptop whose capacity he put on a disk, and thinks he ability be dead by a Biden accessory for accepting it in his shop

Fall: MacIsaac either contacts the FBI or is contacted by them; he has said both

December 9 or 19: The FBI aces up the laptop, but MacIsaac has fabricated a archetype for himself. Giuliani afterwards says the shopowner has fabricated four. They accord him a admirable board amendment to duke it over, alike admitting he was activity to anyway

Early January 2020: The FBI acquaint MacIsaac not to allocution to anyone and to arrest if a Biden adumbrative comes to get the laptop back 

February: Trump is acquitted at end of his allegation trial

May: On Giuliani’s account, MacIsaac easily over the adamantine drive to Robert Costello, Giuliani’s attorney, by this ages at the latest as able-bodied as aggravating to accord it to added Republicans 

September: Steve Bannon, Trump’s ex-aide and now accusable on artifice charges, tells New York Column about actuality of laptop

September 28: Bannon boasts to a Dutch TV accuser ‘I accept Hunter’s adamantine drive’

October 11: Giuliani gives Column the adamantine drive

October 14: Column publishes emails and partially-clothed pictures of Hunter from the laptop – one of them with an credible able aqueduct – and says it has an 11-minute sex-and-drugs video. Giuliani promises there is ‘more to come,’ Republican senators affiance to investigate but Democrats say the above New York ambassador has ‘paraded with Russian agents’

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