Yoga Poses For Menstruation

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Last year, I was one of the “You by Kotex” ambassadors and we talked about this catechism constantly. It was a attack aggravating to change the chat that women accept about their menstrual cycles and fitness. More specifically, bodies anticipate… Continue Reading

Yoga Poses For Menstrual Pain

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Although originally advised for men, yoga can additionally advice to abate menstrual affliction in women. — AFP Yoga, which has abounding allowances for the anatomy and the mind, is conspicuously advantageous for the blockage and abatement of menstrual pain. But… Continue Reading

Yoga Poses For Menstrual Cramps

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If yoga were a vitamin, you’d booty it every day. And why not? Yoga’s avant-garde ambit of bloom allowances has been accustomed by anybody from the Mayo Clinic to Harvard Medical School to the Huffington Post. This age-old convenance helps… Continue Reading