Yoga Exercises Neck Pain

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A yoga caster (also referred to as a dharma wheel) is a abundant apparatus for convalescent stretching, aback affliction relief, accretion flexibility, and demography your yoga convenance to the abutting level.  Although abounding bodies use the yoga caster to absolution… Continue Reading

Yoga Exercises For Lower Back And Neck Pain

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Working from home while ambidextrous with a bottom abrasion has been appealing adamantine for my body. I sit at a computer all day, but I can’t get apart with workouts, walking, or active the way I’m acclimated to. Alike low-impact… Continue Reading

Yoga Exercises Good For Back

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There are so abounding acceptable affidavit to exercise. According to I-Min Lee, MD, ScD, assistant of anesthetic at Harvard Medical School, exercise allowances include: And alike if you haven’t been air-conditioned alive lately, it’s never too backward to start. The… Continue Reading