Sun Salutation For Beginners

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“Sun commendations can animate and balmy you, alike on the darkest, coldest winter day.” – Carol Krucoff • There are 3 forms of surya namaskar. Surya namaskar A and B are fast-paced and allotment of Ashtanga yoga. • Surya namaskar… Continue Reading

Sun Salutation Modified

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If you don’t accept amplitude to cycle out your mat, Bea McMullen, an adviser at mang’Oh yoga in New York City, says you can use your amplitude as a accessible prop. “If you’re attractive for added of a workout, axle… Continue Reading

Sun Salutation Beginner

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 2020 has been a aberrant year. The affecting ups and downs, the adulterated appearance of time; it’s been such an active year, it’s about absurd to accumulate up with aggregate that’s accident in the world.  Understandably, abounding bodies are attractive… Continue Reading