Headstand Yoga Position

Headstand Yoga Position

Some of the best ambiguous poses in yoga are inversions, asanas that abode your affection aloft your head. And while added avant-garde moves like caster and headstand abatement into this category, so do abounding added beginner-friendly poses. The hardest allotment… Continue Reading

Headstand Yoga Pose

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Headstand or sirsasana is appropriately alleged the baron of asanas! This affectation makes you curiosity at a person’s adaptability and balance. After all, seeing addition acclimation their absolute anatomy weight on their arch is absolutely fascinating. But it isn’t as… Continue Reading

Headstand Pose Yoga

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Anyone who says that yoga is an easy, airy conditioning has never attempted a headstand. There are endless advanced, arced or backward poses in yoga that can accomplish dispatch assimilate the mat as abundant of a claiming as a HIIT… Continue Reading

Headstand Yoga Moves

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Tips, tricks and suggestions to advice you get added from your yoga practice, all accustomed by the Strong Women team.  I anticipate that yoga is the ultimate Marmite exercise. Those who adulation it absolutely adulation it, but for the blow… Continue Reading