Yoga For Constipation Relief

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From Netdoctor Irritable bowel affection (IBS) is the best accepted action affecting the bowels, with about 1 in 5 bodies in the UK afflicted at any one time. Although IBS affection alter broadly from actuality to person, the commonest ones… Continue Reading

Best Yoga For Constipation

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Age is aloof a cardinal for Neena Gupta because at 65, she does yoga like a pro. In a new column on Instagram, Neena Gupta aggregate a atom from her yoga affair on Tuesday as she did Supta Vajrasana at… Continue Reading

Yoga Good For Constipation

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A  young babe of about 20 years of age was hospitalised for astringent belly pain.  Due to the pain, she was clumsy to eat and was activity nauseous. Afterwards inquiries, I came to apperceive that she had not anesthetized stool for… Continue Reading