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Bohemian National Cemetery, at Pulaski Alley and Foster Avenue on the Northwest Side, is a burying arena that welcomes all — active and deceased. And at a time aback some bodies ability alternate to access a architecture or amid space, the 124-acre armpit provides admirable backdrop and memorials to important bodies and contest in Chicago history aural an ample amplitude to aberrate about.

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Your bout adviser is Helen Sclair, who has counted added than 700 burying sites in the Chicago busline breadth and, as she declared in a bout adviser of Chicago’s cemeteries that she accumulated for the 1994 Association for Cairn Studies conference, “The compiler has never apparent a cemetery she didn’t like!”


Bohemian National Cemetery, breadth added than 120,000 bodies are buried, is the aftereffect of tensions amid the Roman Catholic Church and bounded immigrants who came to Chicago from Bohemia and Moravia, now accepted as the Czech Republic. These immigrants, alleged Bohemians, were accepted by the Catholic Church to accomplish acknowledgment afore death. If not, afresh they were banned from burying aural the area’s Catholic cemeteries.

In response, Bohemians, by afresh all-embracing a added secular, absolute way of activity accepted as chargeless thought, approved to actualize their own burying arena on 40 acreage in Jefferson Township, which was afresh aloof a few afar arctic of Chicago. On Jan. 7, 1877, an accumulation of Bohemian leaders and organizations absitively it was time to authorize their own cemetery, Bohemian National Cemetery.

Freethinking leaders complex in the cemetery’s conception are accustomed in Ladimir Klacel Circle, called for the Bohemian philosopher. He’s not active here, but this apprehension of him was the aboriginal accessible cairn placed aural the Bohemian cemetery.

“This cemetery represents one indigenous group’s assurance to access its own acreage for the burying of its own. In 1876, able annoyance with the behavior of addition cemetery affirmed the assorted Bohemian congenial organizations in the resolution to buy their own property.””,”additional_properties”:{“comments”:1/83/8,”inline_comments”:1/83/83/4,”_id”:”FCKK2ZXKT5HJ3OA7ARQAEAEXGY

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— Helen Sclair, “A Self-Guided Bout of the Greater Chicagoland Breadth Cemeteries” (1994)

Here are a few places to appointment aural Bohemian National Cemetery:

1. Columbarium and crematorium

Location: Amid Sections Y and Z

Looking somewhat like a basilica with its domed beam and alarm tower, the two-story limestone architecture provides spaces for gathering, accumulator of burying urns and burying of remains. The capital level’s celebration anteroom boasts a more-than-23-foot-tall ceiling, intricate accessory adornment and stained-glass windows and has hosted funerals, speaking engagements, concerts and affairs aback its achievement in 1913.

More than 700 spaces, or niches, for the ashes of the asleep are additionally housed here.

“The ample aggregate chapel, crematorium and columbarium houses an amazing accumulating of folk-like niches in the two ancillary rooms. Anniversary is busy according to the audible aftertaste of the family.””,”additional_properties”:{“comments”:1/83/8,”inline_comments”:1/83/83/4,”_id”:”46JJWQHMF5B67AT4QTGJWTLAUQ

— Helen Sclair, “A Self-Guided Bout of the Greater Chicagoland Breadth Cemeteries” (1994)

2. Beyond the accouterment and treestone marker

Location: Section V

Though burials aren’t accustomed at the Cubs home ballpark aloof 5 afar southeast of Bohemian cemetery, a bounded man came up with this advantage instead. Added than 200 niches for burying urns are tucked in this 24-foot-long, ivy-covered red brick bank with a chicken “400” corrective on it — artful the one in centermost acreage at Wrigley Field. Old box seats, home plate, aboriginal sod and pavers from the Cubs ballpark and a stained-glass window featuring the iconic center-field scoreboard assuredly set at 1:20 p.m. are additionally included.

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Nearby, one brace has created their own architecture to appearance their amaranthine abutment for the Cubs in a appearance begin throughout the Bohemian grounds. The tree-stump gravestone, or treestone, is fabricated of limestone, which is accessible to carve and can affection a array of symbols. In this example, the aboriginal timberline cairn installed at Bohemian in added than 70 years, there are branches from two copse almost touching, basic the appearance of a heart. According to its sculptor, Walter S. Arnold, the treestone appearance a transistor radio — which is acquainted to WGN 720-AM — because the husband, who was blind, admired to accept to the annual while accessory Cubs games. There’s a able through the name of his wife, who survives him, emblematic her burst heart. At the basal are symbols of the affair they enjoyed together.

“’Tree-stumps’ call the monuments with an accessible burst limb. At atomic two Bohemian bean carvers were accomplished in bearing these to order. Laden with symbols anniversary timberline has a different adventure to tell: ivy — immortality; oak — strength; a burst caster — a activity ended; an ballast — hope; a agglomeration of aureate — a activity harvested; etc.””,”additional_properties”:{“comments”:1/83/8,”inline_comments”:1/83/83/4,”_id”:”BS3HI5KEYBEP3H2BH62RVYZLDI

— Helen Sclair

3. Brand canonizing aboriginal burial

Location: The esplanade aloof arctic of Section V

Dates alter as to aback the babyish accepted as N. Brada was active here. The brand says the burying occurred July 1, 1877, but the cemetery’s official listings recorded it as Aug. 6, 1877. One accessible acumen for this, a Friends of the Bohemian National Cemetery newsletter credibility out, is it wasn’t until afterwards the babyish babe was active that the cemetery activated for its permit. Technically, Bohemian National Cemetery didn’t abide on July 1, 1877.

Originally abreast the access gates, the child’s comatose abode was confused to another, added clandestine breadth aural the cemetery. This brand is alone a cenotaph, or commemorative plaque.

“The aboriginal burying here, the Brada baby, July 1, 1877, began the abounding time disposed to 125 acreage by the congenial orders associated with Bohemian National Cemetery.””,”additional_properties”:{“comments”:1/83/8,”inline_comments”:1/83/83/4,”_id”:”G3KHSNBM55EITH4MNMJ6EBTWV4

— Helen Sclair

4. Civil War veterans monument

Location: The ambagious breadth Sections T, U and V accommodated the park

The brownish brownish of a clandestine soldier in fatigues captivation a blush agents in one duke and a bayoneted blaster in the added represents the Czech immigrants who fought for their adopted country during the Civil War. The inscription base reads, “Pro nouvou vlast,” or “For our new country.” A applique at arena akin includes the names of 18 Bohemian veterans of the Civil War active in the cemetery.

An estimated 5,000 bodies angry out for the celebration of this cairn — said to be the aboriginal Bohemian soldiers’ cairn in America — on May 29, 1892, which was the aboriginal Canonizing Day empiric at Bohemian cemetery.

“Patriotic animation is axiomatic in the abundant sculptures. The Civil War cairn is amid the best in America.””,”additional_properties”:{“comments”:1/83/8,”inline_comments”:1/83/83/4,”_id”:”HWGA4VVNWZEFFA32NJJWJWN734

— Helen Sclair

5. Spanish-American War veterans memorial

Location: The island amid Sections 10, 11 and 12

If this brownish looks familiar, afresh you’ve apparently apparent it in addition cemetery or alfresco a government architecture in addition state. The 8 1/4 u00bd-foot-tall amount aloft a granite bedrock “represents the adept as he appeared in the ranks” during the 1898 war, according to the Chicago Tribune’s adventure on its actualization in September 1926.

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A cross-shaped applique advertisement the names of 147 Spanish-American War veterans was added in 1964.

“The Spanish-American ‘Hiker’ is advised by a woman, Theodora Alice Ruggles Kitson. Aback it was casting in bronze, Gorham (Manufacturing Company) admired it so abundant that they produced 50 which are placed in assorted locations beyond America and they accept been acclimated in a abstraction of the furnishings of acerbic rain.””,”additional_properties”:{“comments”:1/83/8,”inline_comments”:1/83/83/4,”_id”:”UBNRDA7IIJHBXD7NACMMTVPRBU

— Helen Sclair

6. Wanda Stopa burying site

Location: Section 17 (about bristles rows arctic of alley amid Blocks 15 and 17)

Chicago’s youngest and aboriginal changeable abettor U.S. commune advocate was a ablaze Polish immigrant called Wanda Stopa. She had been one of alone two women to alum from John Marshall Law School in 1921. But aloof three years afterwards graduation, Stopa larboard her career, affiliated a Russian calculation afresh fell in adulation with a rich, affiliated announcement executive, Y. Kenley Smith, who paid for her to animate in New York.

When Smith banned to leave his wife Genevieve, nicknamed Doodles, Stopa showed up at their Palos Esplanade home on April 24, 1924, intending to annihilate Smith’s wife. She took a shot, but it hit the couple’s aged caretaker, Henry Manning, killing him. Stopa went on the run, killing herself by burning adulteration in a Detroit auberge room.

Approximately 10,000 Chicagoans angry out for her deathwatch and funeral.

7. Cermak ancestors mausoleum

Location: Southwest bend of Section 21

Tens of bags of bodies waited in band for hours — in the absinthian algid — to pay their respects to Chicago’s 36th mayor, Anton Cermak, and an estimated 50,000 accumulated in Bohemian cemetery for the cessation of his burial advance in March 1933. The Czech immigrant, who already awash firewood from a wagon, formed his way up to become arch of Chicago’s Democratic apparatus and was advised a unifier of the city’s animate indigenous groups. He was hit by bullets advised for President-elect Franklin Roosevelt during a ride with him in a convertible car in Miami, on Feb. 15, 1933, and died 19 canicule later. Roosevelt and wife, Eleanor, visited the armpit on Oct. 2, 1933.

The inscription aloft his final comatose abode says, “I’m animated it was me instead of you,” which Cermak allegedly told FDR afterwards actuality shot. The Tribune appear the adduce after attribution. Scholars agnosticism Cermak anytime said these words.

Also housed in the Cermak catacomb is one of the above mayor’s daughters, Helena, who had been affiliated to above Illinois Gov. Otto Kerner Jr.

8. SS Eastland adversity memorial

Location: Northeast bend of Section 16

On July 24, 1915, the SS Eastland — loaded with Western Electric advisers and their families — able to abandon its berth on the Chicago River and arch beyond Lake Michigan for a aggregation barbecue in Michigan City, Indiana. The boat, however, listed to its ancillary and capsized, accoutrement hundreds central the barge as baptize caked in. Out of the 844 bodies drowned, Bohemian cemetery has 143 Eastland victims active in its plots, the best of any cemetery in the Chicago area. Of the 22 families wiped out by the disaster, four are active in the cemetery. Some, including those of Czech ancestry, accommodate a abbreviate band — “obet Eastlandu,” or “victim of the Eastland.”

Almost 100 years later, a canonizing was committed to the victims at Bohemian cemetery. A atramentous applique declared the adversity on one ancillary and capacity of the Eastland gravesites on the other. A granite slab with a steamship’s council caster juts out of a granite slab with carved ripples that represent the biconcave of the abode and its adopting afterward the incident.

“Many of the asleep of the Eastland adversity are in Section 16.””,”additional_properties”:{“comments”:1/83/8,”inline_comments”:1/83/83/4,”_id”:”ME5H7MIAVNBFTBP3V3FHNPBXPA

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— Helen Sclair, “A Self-Guided Bout of the Greater Chicagoland Breadth Cemeteries” (1994)

9. The Pilgrim brownish — and a surprise

Location: Northeast bend of Section 18

The statue, depicting an earlier woman buried in continued robes, was advised by Czech-born sculptor Albin Polasek. It’s one of his two works displayed at Bohemian cemetery — the other, Mother, is amid aloof alfresco the crematorium. Polasek confused to Chicago from New York in 1916 to become the arch of the administration of clay and carve at the Art Institute. The life-size carve was commissioned as a canonizing to Frantiska Stejskal, the mother of the Stejskal-Buchel families, and shows a woman walking against the families’ mausoleum. Added examples of his assignment in the Chicago breadth accommodate 7-foot-tall The Sower at the Chicago Botanic Garden (sporting a face affectation these canicule but contrarily in the buff) and Spirit of Music in Grant Park.

“If you watch her anxiety they assume to move ever, anytime onward.””,”additional_properties”:{“comments”:1/83/8,”inline_comments”:1/83/83/4,”_id”:”TDVT5KKUUJFHPFYOME237UK654

— Helen Sclair

Friends, we’ve now accustomed at the aftermost stop of our bout — and the final comatose abode for our bout guide, Helen Sclair. That’s appropriate — she’s dead. Sclair, accepted affectionately as the “Cemetery Lady” for her abounding years of analysis about bounded cemeteries and for accouterment tours and lectures on the topic, died in 2009.

Her aftermost abode is the aforementioned as it was while she was still animate — she lived on the breadth of Bohemian cemetery for the eight years above-mentioned to her death.

Sclair is accustomed with apprehension a abundance accession of celebrated abstracts in a accompaniment annal at Northeastern Illinois University about Chicago’s aboriginal cemetery, which was on the armpit of what now is Lincoln Park. “Indeed, Sclair thinks that all of the bodies may not yet be out of Lincoln Park,” Chicago Tribune anchorman Ron Grossman wrote about Sclair’s cogent acquisition in 1991.

Sclair’s cairn is a little difficult to acquisition aback its inscription does not face the road, but it is a few accomplish south of The Pilgrim statue. Accomplish abiding to pay your respects and buzz “Thank you” while you appointment Sclair. Then, accomplish abiding to acknowledgment to appointment her addition time.

“A assorted landscape, aces of the asleep as able-bodied as the active visitor. Come aback afresh and afresh to enjoy.””,”additional_properties”:{“comments”:1/83/8,”inline_comments”:1/83/83/4,”_id”:”P6CM7HICFFDHHNU63JUOL7ECEQ

— Helen Sclair

Sources: Chicago Tribune advertisement and archives; Helen A. Sclair Papers at the Newberry Library; Friends of Bohemian National Cemetery; “A Dear and Precious Heritage: Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois,” edited by Carol Jean Smetana; Czech & Slovak American Genealogy Society of Illinois; Eastland Adversity Historical Society; Encyclopedia of Chicago

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