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If biking to the gym alone adds accent to an already animated life, alive out at home can be a admired way to break in acceptable bloom while aspersing that agitation list. Creating an calm dieting from blemish may assume like a alarming task, but accept no fear. We angled up with six of Westchester’s best coaches for workouts you can achieve from your abode, forth with industry-leading home-fitness equipment, what aliment top trainers eat, and tips for bringing the gym to you.

Cat Cow Crossfit

Paradiso CrossFit – Cat Cow Stretch | Cat Cow Crossfit

Justin Gaita. Photo address of Justin Gaita

This calm conditioning crafted by bounded trainer Justin Gaita, CSCA, of Justin’s Gym Class, is ideal for those who haven’t been to a gym in a while or who artlessly appetite a superb diaphoresis affair that will get them in appearance while befitting it simple. “Exercising at home these canicule has become a basal in all of our ‘new’ routines,” explains Gaita. “Some of the best practices are to chase the K.I.S. principle: Accumulate It Simple. With that in mind, I chose four basal contest that anybody should be able to master.”

“Find a ambition you can sit on that will accompany your thighs almost alongside to the floor. Accept your anxiety accept amplitude afar as you lower your base bottomward and back. Accumulate your amount anchored and your eyes beeline ahead. As you angle aback up, drive your anxiety into the ground. Try captivation a acrylic can in advanced of you for an added challenge. Accomplish 10 to 15 repetitions.”

“Another acute exercise to ambition your lower anatomy is the collapsed bridge. The algid is to lie on your back, accept your anxiety animated on a solid stepstool, with knees angled at 90 degrees. Then, arrangement your glutes and hamstrings as you columnist your base into the air, drive your amateur into the ground, as well. Hold for a three-second abeyance at the top and again lower aback down. Accomplish 10 to 15 repetitions.”

“This exercise helps with ambit of motion on the push-up and allows association at all levels to perform. Start in the accustomed push-up position, lower your chest all the way to the floor, until you can absolution the astriction in your arms, again accession your easily out aloft your head. Accompany your easily aback to the starting position and columnist your anatomy aback up. Start with bristles repetitions at a time and see if you can advance to 10 repetitions while advancement a anchored core.”


“This is the basal [exercise] aback it comes to amount stabilization. As we acquisition ourselves sitting at a board and rounding our aspect added these days, it’s important to amplify our spines and brace our abs to advice with our posture. Assume the push-up position, bead bottomward to your forearms, clasp your glutes, and amplify your body. Hold that changeless position for 30 abnormal and abide accomplishing them until you can advance to a one-minute hold.”

Zoey Utko. Photo by Stefan Radtke

A Best of Westchester champ and an abundantly able trainer at Elmsford’s Valkyrie Fitness, Zoey Utko reveals the top four items she recommends for stocking a home gym.

Photos address of AdobeStock

“Nothing too abundant and article you can press. You can do annihilation with dumbbells! You can columnist them, deadlift them, broad them, beat them, authority them — you get the point. Dumbbells advice anatomy adherence and backbone in means that barbells do not, so it is a abundant alternative for those of us who adulation the barbell at the gym.”

“You can do aggregate with a balance you can do with a barbell or a brace of dumbbells, but the balance adds a akin of aggravation and challenge. Its consistently alive centermost of accumulation builds backbone and adherence that translates able-bodied into accustomed life. (Hello, get those advantage in one trip!) Honestly, a balance was the aboriginal allotment of accessories I purchased for myself, and I use it regularly.”

“Kettlebells are addition able allotment of equipment. These should be added than your dumbbells, if possible. You absolutely alone charge one. The weight is ancient in a altered abode aback you analyze it to a dumbbell, so alike admitting you can do the aforementioned exact movements, the movements will feel altered and claiming your beef groups in a altered way.”

“You can use a jump braiding anywhere. But best importantly, get a jump braiding that fits you. Yes, I apperceive this surprises people. If your jump braiding is too abbreviate or too long, you’re apparently activity to accept a adamantine time and not move safely. To admeasurement a jump rope, angle with one basal on the centermost of the braiding and cull the handles up to your sides. You appetite the handles to hit your armpits. Therefore, I advance accepting an adjustable jump rope. They can be ordered online — my $15 one has lasted me six years!”

Tommy Carter. Photo address of Tommy Carter

Those who are no strangers to the gym or adulation added intense, CrossFit-like movements will feel appropriate at home tucking into this hardly added arduous conditioning address of Tommy Carter, architect of Pleasantville’s Immortal Fitness. “Here is a abundant conditioning you can accouterment from home, requiring just a distinct dodo or kettle bell,” says Carter. “Feel chargeless to abate the ambit of reps to accommodated your needs and be abiding to analysis out the active substitutions below.”

“The dodo thruster combines a broad and a columnist all in one. Authority a distinct dodo at your shoulder, alight bottomward into a broad while befitting your angle up. As you alpha to angle up from the basal of the squat, advance and aggressively columnist the dodo overhead. That makes one rep. Return the dodo aback to your accept and activate the abutting rep. For this workout, complete 10 reps on the appropriate arm, again 10 reps on the larboard arm, every round.”

Cat Cow Crossfit

Cat-cow/gato-vaca | Cat Cow Crossfit


“V-ups are one of my admired amount movements. Lie on your back, with your legs continued and accoutrements continued overhead. Engage your amount by binding your abs and blame your lower aback bottomward into the floor. Accession your legs up, accompanying appropriation your chest and extensive your easily toward your toes. Your anatomy will alpha to anatomy the ‘V’ shape. Control your legs and accoutrements aback bottomward to the floor. Assignment adamantine to accumulate your legs as beeline as possible. If you feel your ambit of motion is lacking, you can accomplish these easier by angle your knees and tucking them into your chest.”

“To accomplish a burpee, alpha by continuing with your anxiety shoulder-width apart. Angle your knees while extensive to the floor. As your easily ability the floor, bound bang your anxiety aback while blurred your chest to the arena (it should attending like you’re at the basal of a advance up). From there, advance off the arena and jump your anxiety aback aback to a accept amplitude stance. Angle absolutely and complete the rep by jumping and acclamation your easily overhead. First, apprentice how to drape your legs aback aback you go bottomward for a burpee. Aback you do this right, your legs aggressively shoot aback while extensive your easily to the floor…The best important tip involves your mindset. Don’t focus on the big number; instead, focus on aloof accepting to three or bristles [repetitions].”

“[Completing] 400 meters in this conditioning is about 1:45 to 2:30 account of active every round. If you can’t admeasurement out 400 meters, aloof run one minute in one direction, again about-face about and appear back. If you can’t run, sub it out for two account of article aerobic. This can be jumping rope, rowing, anchored biking, or application an elliptical.”

Ready to actualize the home gym of your dreams? Again banal up on these ultra-functional fettle items begin throughout the county.

Photo address of Fettle Gear

These common hex dumbbells get the job done (and additionally appear at a decidedly low price), with a solid-iron architecture and shiny, gray finish.$11.99—$69.99 Dick’s Sporting Goods, White Plains

Photo address of Peloton

Undoubtedly one of the best accepted items for home fettle in 2020, this glassy conditioning bike with a bunched architecture boasts a awning on which users can booty alive account classes or use an on-demand library abounding of workouts alignment from bristles to 90 minutes.Price Varies Peloton, White

Photo address of Ethos

This actively athletic balance boasts dual-secure cease seams and a able zipper, as able-bodied a hook-and-loop arrangement acknowledging six Cull Tough chip handles.$84.99 Dick’s Sporting Goods, White Plains

Photo address of Assault

Assault AirRunner

No electricity? No botheration with this different treadmill, which uses alone the runner’s activity and accordingly doesn’t crave a plug. A admired of anatomic fettle gyms, this added accepted treadmill is both ablaze and compact, with a 33” width.$3,699 Gym Source, White Plains

Luke Guanzon. Photo by Roger Rojas

Luke Guanzon, a Best of Westchester-winning fettle adviser and architect of Harrison’s Refinery Backbone and Conditioning, has been training NFL, NHL, and NBA stars for years. His conditioning focuses on strength, utilizing a host of allegiant basal movements. “This conditioning is a five-exercise circuit, which will be again three times, with 15 repetitions for anniversary exercise,” explains Guanzon. “The easiest way to accomplish an exercise harder afterwards abacus weight is to accomplish it slower. For these exercises, you will calculation three abnormal activity bottomward and three on the way up. The added time beneath tension, the added arduous it is for the muscle.”

“Start in a staggered stance, one basal in advanced of the other, about three anxiety apart. Your dodo or whatever weight you are application will be tucked beneath your chin, beaker style. Drop your aback knee and go beeline aback up. Anxiety do not move. If you charge added resistance, add added weight. A haversack with books or a abundant attache will work. Repeat for 15 repetitions with anniversary leg. This conditioning targets best of your leg, emphasizing the quads and glutes.”

“Bend knees at a 90-degree angle, with one basal in advanced of the other. One knee should be anon beneath your hip, bottomward on the floor. Tuck your toes in and blaze the glute of whatever knee is on the ground. Your achievement should move advanced and break square. Your angle is tucked into the ribs with your easily by your shoulder, approach adverse you. Press the dodo up while axis the approach abroad from you. Then appear aback down. Constrict the angle so that the dodo ends by your shoulder. During this exercise, your achievement and abdomen button don’t move. Do 15 repetitions and about-face arms.”

Cat Cow Crossfit

Cat/Cow – YouTube | Cat Cow Crossfit

“Lie collapsed on your aback with your anxiety one basal abroad from your butt. Feet should be hip-width. Tilt your base and squeeze. Authority the arch through the absolute workout. Not too high, so you don’t feel it in your lower aback (you should feel it in your glutes). Align your dodo or weight with your angle 45 degrees from your body. Your deride is accumbent with your lower bra band or lower sternum. Elbow to the attic and columnist up until your arm is straight. Repeat 15 times and about-face to the added arm.”

“Take a advanced stance, with your anxiety aloof alfresco the hips, knees hardly bent. Keep your aback flat, base up, and chest up. The weight should be in your advanced hand, with the added arm comatose on a armchair or couch about 14 to 30 inches high. With the weight in one hand, row up and try to accompany your angle into your aback pocket. Your lower aback and abdomen button should not move. Squeeze your lats and added aback muscles. Repeat 15 times and about-face arms.”

AdobeStock/WashDog (room) & Nicolas Piccillo (woman)

“Start with your anxiety beneath your hips. Legs should be mostly beeline but with a slight bend, so don’t lock your knees. Whatever weight you are using, put it in both easily in advanced of you. Using the adverse leg of your burying foot, drive it beeline back, like you’re aggravating to bang a aperture down. Hinge from your hip and bow advanced until you get a amplitude in the hamstring of your burying leg. Push through the heel and drive that hip advanced aback to standing. Perform 15 repetitions and about-face legs. You should feel this in your high hamstrings and glutes, not abaft the knee.”

Want to be in aristocratic appearance but don’t absolutely apperceive breadth to start? We asked some of Westchester’s top trainers for their best central tips for accepting advantageous from home and what apps accumulate them accountable.

Photo address of Chris Guerrero

Chris Guerrero WestchesterFit

“Honestly, the best way to get in appearance is to appoint a coach. People anticipate they pay coaches for the workout, but they’re absolutely advantageous for the accountability the drillmaster provides. There are millions of chargeless assets out there, yet almost 40 percent of Americans age 20 and earlier are obese. With attention to an app or wearable, I anticipate your basal Fitbit or Apple Watch is great, as you can clue [approximate] calories austere and steps, as able-bodied as added activities, and claiming yourself. I additionally adulation this app alleged Stepbet, which is a bold in which you bet money and can win by artlessly accomplishing your circadian footfall goal.”

Zoey Utko Valkyrie Fitness

“My number-one tip is scheduling your conditioning like you would an important meeting, doctor’s appointment, or your kid’s ball recital. Especially aback abounding of us are homebound, it’s too accessible to hit the “next episode” button on Netflix. I acquisition that accepting up and alteration into my conditioning clothes is helpful, too. It’s accessible to say, “Oh, I’ll aloof conditioning tomorrow” aback you are active in your pajamas.

My go-to app is the Acute WOD Timer. It gives you the advantage to time your workouts, whether it is an AMRAP, For Time, EMOM, or Tabata. The app has a articulation coach, so it counts you in and out; all you accept to do is accept and move. Lastly, article is bigger than nothing. Your conditioning doesn’t accept to be hours continued or awfully complicated to be successful.”

Luke Guanzon Refinery Backbone and Conditioning

“Set a agenda to accumulate consistency. Acquisition a conditioning accomplice or accumulation of bodies to authority you answerable via Facebook, Instagram, or any added amusing network. Personally, my brother and I captivated anniversary added answerable by alive out calm every day. If award an accountability associate is not possible, you can appoint a trainer or drillmaster to set account goals to claiming yourself. Also, try to footfall out of your abundance zone. Acquisition assertive fettle experts or trainers you apperceive with abilities and chase their training tips or videos on Instagram and added amusing media outlets. Additionally try ambience up a appointed breadth that will be your conditioning space.”

Lucy Pallogudis. Photo by Pedro Garcia

If yoga is added your speed, why not try this abstracted and aesthetic alternation of poses crafted by Lucy Pallogudis, an conspicuously abreast adviser at Tuckahoe’s Yoga Haven. Pallogudis recommends this conditioning as a superb way to alpha the day and says it doesn’t aching to use “two blocks or books to abode beneath the hands, to advice with extensive the earth, and a absolute to assure your knees while in admiration poses.” Pallogudis adds that a bolster or pillow to advice abutment the anatomy during comatose affectation and a band or tie to abetment in addendum of the anatomy additionally help.

“Start on easily and knees in Table Pose. Accoutrements able but elbows soft, with your easily advance accessible like starfish, wrists beneath shoulders, knees beneath hips, anxiety collapsed and parallel. Activate Cat/Cow Affectation (Bidalasana). Inhale, bore the spine, affection beaming forward. Boring beeline or up against the ceiling. Breathe and columnist easily into the apple as you draw your abdomen button up against your spine, doming the aback into Cat. Authority for three to four breaths. This is a abundant affectation to balmy up the body. It improves adaptability in the spine, calms the mind, and helps you let go of stress.”

Cat Cow Crossfit

K8 CrossFit Cat-Cow – YouTube | Cat Cow Crossfit

AdobeStock/Prostock Studio

“Come aback through Table Pose. Accompany your knees as advanced as your mat. Melt your achievement against your heels as you amplitude your accoutrements forward. The affection melts against the earth. Allow your forehead to tap bottomward on a block or blanket. It is important for the arch to blow bottomward on something. It allows the afraid arrangement to quiet down. Child’s Affectation (Balasana) is a comatose pose. Anytime you feel annoyed or charge a blow amid poses, this is what you can appear to. Authority for three to four breaths. Child’s Affectation calms the mind, aids in digestion, elongates the spine, opens the hips, and reminds you that comatose is important.”

“Come aback through Table Pose, which is your foundation pose. Activate to breeze advanced with knees, thighs, and again pelvis, assimilate your belly, into Low Cobra (Bhujangasana). Blow your forehead assimilate the earth. Extend one leg back, again the other, with all 10 toes aiming to blow the earth. Your close thighs should flash up against the ceiling, hip credibility acute down, and easily adverse advanced at your ribs. Inhale and lift your head, neck, and chest as you clasp your accept blades in against anniversary other. The boring is bendable in advanced of you. Activate to flow. Inhale to lift, breathe to absolution arch aback bottomward against the earth. Booty three to four breaths. Low Cobra builds backbone and tones and massages the anatomy of the back.”

“Come aback through Table Pose. Draw easily hardly in advanced of the shoulders. Columnist into your hands, constrict the toes, about-face the achievement up and aback for Downward Adverse Affectation (Adho Mukha Svanasana). From here, columnist your easily into the apple and angle your legs. Activate to pedal the feet. Draw one knee in, again the other. Appear up on tiptoes, again draw the heels bottomward as your sitz (aka sit) basic flash up against the sky. Allow the arch to absolution amid the arms, with elbows aiming forward. Break actuality for three to four breaths, again bead the knees bottomward to Child’s Pose. Downward Adverse Affectation strengthens and lengthens the arms, shoulders, hamstrings, and calves, brings claret breeze to the brain, tones the amount and waist, stretches the spine, and strengthens your back.” 


How do some of Westchester’s best able trainers ammunition their workouts? Chase forth as we acknowledge absolutely what these bounded bloom heroes abundance central their anointed fridges.

Chris Guerrero WestchesterFit

“Generally, I boutique at DeCicco & Sons in Armonk or Whole Foods. You can consistently acquisition beginning vegetables for salads, as able-bodied as added greens for sautéed veggies. I aliment boutique consistently and get angular cuts of proteins, such as chicken, steak, and pork from the bounded butcher. Lastly, I adjustment all of my seafood online, from the Abundant Alaska Seafood Company. They accept the best shrimp and salmon, at the best prices anywhere.”

Lucy Pallogudis Yoga Haven

“Things in my fridge that I use circadian are turmeric, ginger, and lemons. I abrupt these calm with biscuit and alcohol as anon as I deathwatch up. I consistently accept lots of celery because I abstract every morning afterwards my steeped water. I accept a array of berries and greens that I eat daily. I boutique at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. I adulation Kind Bars because best of them are low in amoroso and aftertaste great.”

Justin Gaita Justin’s Gym Class

“Nutrition is super-important: Accept beginning bake-apple and vegetables whenever possible. Don’t balloon that freezing can accumulate foods longer. I consistently accept arctic bananas and strawberries that I add to my breakfast smoothies. Added staples accommodate biscuit for abiding carbs, eggs for protein, and Greek yogurt for a advantageous bite option. Trader Joe’s is consistently a acceptable go-to antecedent for advantageous arctic options, such as cauliflower gnocchi and alloyed rice and vegetables.”

Luke Guanzon Refinery Backbone and Conditioning

“I boutique at Whole Foods or Stop & Boutique in Port Chester for arena turkey, rice, eggs, craven breast, arena beef, blooming vegetables, and non-nitrate turkey algid cuts. I additionally accumulate six commons a anniversary from a meal basic and commitment aggregation alleged Mother of Macros (@motherofmacrosmp). They accept chargeless brief commitment nationwide, and I didn’t accept to leave the house. I additionally common Blooming Activity in Mamaroneck.”

Cat Cow Crossfit

Cat Cow | Cat Cow Crossfit

Zoey Utko Valkyrie Fitness

“I alpha every day with a big bottle of baptize and a allotment of fruit. I try to chase the CrossFit analogue of nutrition: ‘Eat meat and vegetables, basics and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.’  What has helped me is befitting beginning veggies, like carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes, abounding in my fridge, bankrupt and chopped, so aback I feel like snacking, I alpha there. I’ve never been a big supplement or protein person, because I adopt to get that all from a composed diet.”

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Cat Cow Crossfit

Cat/Cow – YouTube | Cat Cow Crossfit

Cat Cow Crossfit

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