What To Consider Before Buying a Horse

Owning a horse is a dream of many young people and adults. Before you purchase a horse, there a few things you need to know. The animals make great pets, but they require different things than standard pets such as dogs or cats.


Taking care of a horse can be expensive. Having a horse insurance policy can help with some of the costs such as health expenses. Horses need vaccines, parasite control and health checks much like humans or other animals. Many vets also do house visits helping you avoid taking them to the vet.


Horses are large animals and need a safe place to shelter at night and in bad weather. A stable is an ideal location to house your new pet. Stables offer a roof, walls and closed quarters to ensure the safety of the animal. Adding straw in the stall provides a comfortable bed for them to lie down on. Barns and sheds are other potential places to create the horse’s home.


Grooming daily provides an easy way to check on the horse’s health. Running a brush through their hair from tip to tail helps you assess their skin. Don’t neglect their hooves. A properly fitting horseshoe helps them walk and run on hard surfaces, but a poorly fitting horseshoe can cause them pain. Not all horses need shoes, but all hooves should be checked daily regardless.


Horses love grass and having a space for them to graze is ideal. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t permit grazing all year round in most locations. Hay makes a great alternative combined with supplements to support the horse. Learn all the toxic plants the horse may come in contact with to avoid costly medical visits. And always ensure they have clean, fresh water to drink.


Understanding the basics of horse care can help your pet enjoy a long, healthy life. The more you know about horses, the better able you are to care for them. Try to understand what you can before you bring your new pet home.