Treating Patients With Care

As a new worker in the home health field, you are often one of the most important people the patient will see during the day. You are the person who is usually responsible for the medical care and safety of the person while in the home. Sometimes, you might be asked to help with cleaning or help with cooking for the patient who is unable to do these simple tasks. If there is an emergency, you are the person who will contact someone else for assistance and who will often alert the family as to what is happening and if there are any medical concerns that you notice.

When you work for a home health care Bethesda Maryland company, you should try to offer empathy to the people you work with. You might not understand exactly what they are experiencing, but you can offer encouragement and support as well as a listening ear. As you begin working with the patient, you will begin to see the needs that the person has that might not be listed on your paperwork. These needs can be anticipated on each shift, and you can alert your supervisor or the family of these needs so that more assistance can be provided if and when it’s needed.

Treat your patients and the family members with respect. You are in the patient’s home and should treat it as your place of employment instead of just any other house. Offer privacy when the person is on the phone or speaking with someone else who is in the home unless you are asked to join in on the conversations. Find out about illnesses and disabilities that the patient has, offering support so that these issues can be handled professionally and comfortably for the patient. Always remember that you should dress in the best way you can, abiding by the company’s dress code and standards.