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As I promised in my first part of my original article titled Basic Health Tips for Women in Busy Times. The easiest way to take care of your over-all healthiness and beauty is by having water everyday. If you ate fairly healthy food, you would probably get between 600-1000 mg of sodium a day. Get your sleep – Not getting enough sleep can lead to eating high sugar foods for energy and result in sedentary days because you are so tired.\n\nI don’t tend to pack water before as it is not allowed past airport security but it is always handy to have a bottle or two in the car for healthy travel outside of airports. 14. Drinking a lot of water during the day helps you sleep better at night. 2. Reject foods and drinks made with corn syrup, a calorie-dense, nutritionally empty sweetener that many believe is worse for the body than sugar, says Katz.\n\nHaving a social life is one of the most important elements of healthy living there is. With communities breaking down all over the place, it is more important than ever these days to know you have some key people in your life to count on when times are tough.\n\n5. Watch the Restaurant Meals – I am a big fan of going out for meals but recognize that what I eat is not always that good for me. When we travel as a family we always get a kitchenette in the hotel room so that we can make the majority of our meals with food we know and then have one meal out a day.\n\nThose who opted for a natural treatment have to undergo changes in their diet and their overall way of life. The body will only process the fat into energy if the calories needs obtained from sugar and carbohydrates are not sufficient. Doctors recommend that people take at least 64 ounces of water daily to keep their body in optimum condition.