An Easy Scan

One of the latest advancements in healthcare is the implementation of an open MRI system. The open design offers numerous benefits for all ages and all types of people who need this important scan performed that detects issues that might be wrong in the body. The open design is one that is comfortable for almost everyone who needs an MRI. It doesn’t involve an enclosed tube with loud sounds, making the scan a simple process for those who are in the room. If you are claustrophobic, then you know that it can be difficult to lay on the table inside the MRI machine. An open design removes this part of the scan. You’re in a setting where you can see the ceiling and the other details of the room, which can decrease any claustrophobia feelings that you might have.

An open design offers a way for more people to get an MRI done so that they can find out important information about their health. The table can hold patients who are obese or those who have difficulties moving around easily, such as the elderly population. Children who are afraid of loud noises and being in an enclosed area will benefit from this design because it allows enough room for a parent to be with the child during the scan. People who are in a wheelchair or who are in the hospital and are connected to an oxygen tube or an IV will find that it’s easier to get onto the table for the scan.

Most of the newer open designs feature machines that are more advanced than other MRI machines. This means that the doctor will often receive the results of the scan faster and be able to offer details about anything that is seen in a shorter time so that treatment can begin. There are little to no side effects from this kind of scan.