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How can health insurance help you out? As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports, about 45 million people in the US have no health insurance. A central feature of the reform plan is the expansion of comprehensive health insurance to most of the 46 million Americans who …

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7 Health Tips From Ancient Physicians

I’m a dog lover. Controlling your eating is the biggest way of availing sustained weight loss program. For this reason, when you drink soda, you end up eating more total calories ( 2 , 3 ). Exercise thirty minutes a day at least to lower the risk of heart disease, …

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An Easy Scan

One of the latest advancements in healthcare is the implementation of an open MRI system. The open design offers numerous benefits for all ages and all types of people who need this important scan performed that detects issues that might be wrong in the body. The open design is one …

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5 Health Tips From Dentists

A sound mind resides in a sound body and obliviously if you are mentally strong and aware you can rock the world on your tips. According to researchers from John Hopkins University presenting data at the November 15, 2005 meeting of the American Heart Association, consuming soy protein (20 grams …